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Match rejoinder second time in one volley

Hi, I have a rejoinder where I save user input, not producing output.

t:  () Name your favourite fruit and color:
a: () ^sequence()
b: (_~fruit) $$fruit '_0
    b: (_~color) $$color = '

If I now have two sentences in one volley, only the first sentence gets processed by the rejoinders:

I like apples. My color is blue.

Edit: Just to make this clear, my control script makes sure that %inputrejoinder is set correctly for both sentences.

As far as I understand this is because the rejoinder is blocked after it matches the first time.
Is there a way to reanable it so it gets used for both sentences?


  [ # 1 ]

I got it working using a private function.
I can explain how if anyone is interested.


  [ # 2 ]

It’s always interesting to have the solution smile


  [ # 3 ]

I wrote a private function ^enableRejoinder wich sets the global variable “unusedRejoinder” to true.
Then I call the ^enableRejoinder function to renenable my rejoinder after the first usage.


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