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RiveScript Question: Change Topic

Hi . I am using rivescript python. I am trying to change topic after reading from mongodb using macros.
I tried

+ *
- {topic=<call>findtopic <star></call>}

This is not working and getting output <call>findtopic xxxx</call>}
Function findtopic is returning right topic; but how can i redirect?
Inside findtopic, we were finding intent and reading right topic from mongodb. Is it possible to redirect from macro itself? We prefer redirection from replies.


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Hello, Babu.

I’ve split your post into it’s own thread. Whenever you have a question about something, unless it’s specifically tied to a current thread, it’s best to just create a new thread. Posting something that’s not relevant to a given thread is considered “hijacking”, and is not encouraged. Also, posting to a thread that is more than a few months old (AKA “necroing”) is also not encouraged, even if the post is relevant. Just some friendly advice here. smile


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Necroing? I never knew that term for it. I guess you live and learn…


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Yes, to “necro” a thread is to bring it “back from the dead”. The term is related to necromancy, the magic of death. Thus, “necro”. wink


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