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Is building Bot in server mode possible ?

Hello, I am blocked in my use of ChatScript on EC2 Amazon Ubuntu server.
This is probably a misunderstanding on my part, but I can not build my bot.
So I have a question for you:

Is it possible to build a Bot from the ChatScript server launched by ./LinuxChatScript64 or is it absolutely necessary to have a standalone mode connection ?



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I don’t really understand the question.  Std versions of ChatScript can act as both stand alone or server. In linux it defaults to server but you can give a command line parameter “local” to get nonserver. In Windows it defaults to stand alone but you can get server by command line parameter “port=”.  While I typically build from a stand alone copy using :build, there are command line parmeters for Build0=  and Build1= which will trigger builds from a command line


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You need a client - but yes.  The standalone commands all work in server mode too - like :bot or :build 1.  I sometimes work on my bots inside Unity3d because I have a client there and I’m doing a lot of OOB communication so seeing the OOB in unity debugger is very useful.  I will edit the files, then issue a :build 1 just like the stand alone workflow. 

Do you have access to your file system on EC2?  You need access to edit the files or edit them local and upload them to build the bot. You might check out some of the CS clients like the web one included with the project.  You can write your own simple client using the information here:

Once I figured out how to send null characters sometimes I communicate with the raw server socket via netcat, but that is a bit crazy probably.

Somebody should write a ChatScript client plugin for Sublime Text…..


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Thank you for your two answers. In fact I am sorry to have asked this newbie question.

Locally everything goes well on my Debian system 8.7. I compiled the standalone mode and I was going through there to build my Bot. Only I thought I did not have to do all this work on my EC2 Ubuntu Instance …

In fact I can confess that I do not necessarily understand what the command : build do
Nor the difference between build1 and build0 ...

Actually Todd, I go through the interface BETTER found in WEBINTERFACE. Works well.

I will try to start the CS server with the parameter Build0 = Mybot.

Thank you


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<quote>ubuntu@ip-172-31-24-191:~/ChatScript/BINARIES$ ./LinuxChatScript64 build0=MBOT

evcalled pid: 25722
ChatScript EVSERVER Version 7.3 pid: 25722 64 bit LINUX compiled Mar 4 2017 22:55:05 host=local
WordNet: dict=214037 fact=85706 heap=12700452 Mar04’17-12:29:10
Build0:  dict=68029 fact=129124 heap=1148556 Compiled:Mar02’17-19:44:16 by version 7.2 “0”
Build1:  dict=171 fact=19 heap=217292 Compiled:Mar15’17-19:42:09 by version 7.12 “Mbot”

Segmentation fault (core dumped)

Version problem I guess…


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Finally my question was very badly asked.
Here is the solution I found to solve most of my problem :

I start the server while keeping the console (the terminal) with screen command :

screen ./LinuxChatScript64

Starts the process without displaying it in the consolel.

This brings me to another question, which I hope is more understandable : Can we use the :build command while the server is running? I can definitely stop my server, but to not die silly I will like to understand a little better the operation of: buil.

thank you for your patience…


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