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AIML Language Support

Hi Dr. Richard Wallace. I wonder that does AIML support Myanmar/Burmese Language.


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Hello, Nyein.

I’ve taken the liberty of splitting your post into it’s own thread, so that your question doesn’t take the other thread off topic, and so that you can get replies that are directly related to your question.

AIML itself is language agnostic. It doesn’t matter at all what language is used. However, where it does matter is in which AIML interpreter/bot engine is used to parse the AIML code. Most AIML interpreters (Pandorabots, Program O, etc.) have built-in support for languages other than English, but some do not. I don’t have specifics on which do, other than Program O, though I suspect that Pandorabots also supports other languages. The issue isn’t really the language itself, but in which character set the language employes, and whether it’s a “single byte” or “multi-byte” character set. I hope this answers your question. smile


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Hi Dave Morton,
I’ve read AIML pattern Matching Simplified, but i don’t clearly understand the 2nd and 3rd process:
2. What does it mean using the tail of the input (the suffix of the input with X removed) if no match, try
3. What does it mean, if no match was found, go back up the graph to the parent of this node, and put X back on the head of the input.
In 3, why it put X back to the head of the input , can you please show me with example?
Thankyou so much…☺


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A tail is like a named subpattern in PHP, I think.

php -a
Interactive mode enabled


preg_replace("/I WANT TO (?P<tail>.*)/i",
"Try hard to $1 and you will.",
"I want to learn A.I."); 


Try hard to learn A.I. and you will.


In this example, subpattern “learn A.I.” would be the tail.

What do you think?


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