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Salutations! I am new. 

Whoa, look at me using big words.
So, I’m a college student at the moment…

I’ve been generally looking up AI related stuff here and there for a few years, probably first got interested after encountering Cleverbot. (which is now the bar which I want to top when I create my own fully featured chatbot.) After repeatedly running into this forum as of late, I decided to join in!

I’m still learning coding languages, I have some experience with python 2.7 and C++, although my computer science fundamentals are quite sound.

Aand I don’t really know what much else to say. I’’ be busy over the next few weeks, so I won’t be too active on here, but I’ll be happy to reply to any questions/clarify more about myself.


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Welcome Aidan! Always nice to greet the new ones. (Do you come with a warranty?) wink

Hope you do well with your studies and don’t hesitate to look around and ask questions. We’ve lots of nice, talented people here.


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