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Bot based on Keywords

In my case am developing a bot that would interact and take actions based on users inputs. But I personally feel that the complexity of NL becomes a bottle neck for closed domain bots. So I was thinking to process the input, extract the keywords and then pass it on to the bot. That way we don’t have to record all possible inputs. We only have to take care of the important keywords.

I am no bot expert and also not sure if this is the right thing to do. But still thinking to give it a try. Appreciate inputs from the experts.

P.S - Using rivescript



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Welcome Manish,

Isn’t that pretty much how bots already perform their abilities?
They receive input.
They ‘extract’ (examine / find) suitable keywords or a Pattern word(s) or phrase from many possible ones.
They output their ‘best guess’ based upon their programming and scripting.

By them trying to just use the ‘important’ key words, I think it would limit their ability to locate a best possible answer.
It would possibly lead to a great deal of ambiguity.

For example: Who makes the best *
That statement could generate scores of possible answers since it was not definitive.

If one said, “Who makes the best cars” then the bot would have to either have an online source to perform a comparison or an up-to-date database from which to draw upon. If not, it would then have to consider the possible car makers and their previous sales over say, the past 5 years in order to select a “best” maker.

While you idea may certainly have merit, I don’t have expertise to make a professional evaluation or your proposal.

I have used RiveScript to make a few bots and one was that of a period specific character and all it knew was things from that time period.

I have been looking into a learning ability for my RiveScript bots so time will tell.

If I’ve missed the gist of your post, please feel free to let me know. Thanks and again, Welcome!


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Please forgive the self promotion: I have a keyword manager “Narwhal” that might be worth looking at:  ( .

It allows you to define and attach meaning to specific keyword combinations. You can act on the extracted meanings in any way you wish.


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Good learning experience, Manish.
Here is a simple flowchart fairly
easy to implement, and improve.

user_inputThis is a test.

Keyword  Response
=> Hi there!
TEST => Test passed.
BYE  => Goodbye
*  => Please go on.

matched [ 1=>Hi there ,  2=>Please go on ]



Test passed

P.S. Try to create your own chatbot.



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