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Hoping to extend AIML to include another tag: <xlearn>

I had a little look:
Can someone give me an idea of what I need to know in Java?
More importantly, I opened PCAIMLProcessorExtension.class in Notepad:
What should I open the file in?

As for what <xlearn> is supposed to do:

1. <xlearn>GET</xlearn> (returns the value of the attribute from the “XLEARN” map)
2. <xlearn>SET</xlearn> (sets the value of the attribute “” to “Jonathan” from the “XLEARN” map)

3. <xlearn>GET GET_0</xlearn> (returns the last attribute ‘got’; initially set to ‘nil’)
4. <xlearn>GET GET_1</xlearn> (returns the last value ‘got’; initially set to ‘nil’)
5. <xlearn>GET GET</xlearn> (returns the last attribute:value pair ‘got’; initially set to ‘nil:nil’)
6. <xlearn>GET SET_0</xlearn> (returns the last attribute ‘set’; like above)
7. <xlearn>GET SET_1</xlearn> (returns the last value ‘set’; like above)
8. <xlearn>GET SET</xlearn> (like above)
9. <xlearn>GET_ATTR Jonathan</xlearn> (returns the first occuring attribute for which it’s value is “Jonathan”)


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Edit: I forgot to add my thanks for any help. I’d like to point out that you could use a variable to simulate a map and hence do the entire thing. That’s my secondary option if this doesn’t work out.


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