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Help with TCP and Unreal Engine 4


I’m a new user. A college lecturer looking to integrate chatscript into UE4 via a TCP plugin I recently purchased.

I’m primarily a digital artist, but can tinker under the hood a little.

The TCP plugin i’m using in UE4 successfully connects to the chatscript server, sends a string, and receives always the same message back “I don’t know what to say”

I’ve looked in the chatscript log and the string that i’ve sent hasn’t been recieved. The user just shows as a single square character (log attached), and nothing where my message should be ( eg “Danny Harry Hello”)

After some support from the plugin creator we believe that the string is successfully leaving Unreal so to speak as I have used Rawcap to sniff the data (i’m getting a bit out of my depth here so forgive me if i’m using incorrect terminology), and opening the resulting .PCAP file in Wireshark I’m able to read the string I have sent.

I am stuck as to what to try next and so I’m hoping somebody might be able to give me a few pointers.

The fact that I can connect and receive a string from the server and have that display (see attachment) in the engine is giving me hope that I will also be able to send a string also

Any advice most appreciated



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Your serverlog indicates that the input received by CS is 0
So it looks like your text is not sent correctly. I presume your are constructing the entire message, so do you have the right structure for the protocol - the input text should be the third string.


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I see from the logs that most of the inputs have the name of the user and some input text, but the last set of entries, dated today (Apr 21, 2017), don’t have the username or any input text at all. the earlier entries clearly show that CS is working, but the most recent logs indicate that while something is getting through, it just doesn’t contain any text. My gut feeling here is that the TCP plugin is where this lies (I know, the plugin support folks say otherwise). There are ways of testing this outside of chatScript, but that requires additional software.


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Hi guys, thanks for the replies.

The TCP plugin is definitely sending out the string “Danny Roger Flint”.

I can successfully receive this into a PYTHON script server, display the text, even send it back to UE4 and display it there, all using the plugin. I’m convinced the plugin is sound.

In addition I’ve sniffed the data and indeed I can ‘read’ the string “Danny Roger Flint” AFTER it has exited UE4 via the plugin.

The author of the plugin says it isn’t intended to be used for a server that closes the connection after each volley. I wonder if the problem lies there somehow?

I’m guessing for now I might need to make some sort of ‘bridge’ in python that gets the string then passes it on to CS. I expect in the future I’ll pay someone to make a more robust solution, but in the meantime if anyone has any other suggestions I would be most grateful


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Hi folks, I have successfully created a PYTHON ‘bridge’ between UE4 and CS


Not ideal but I can at least work on my project (even if i do have to open up two servers instead of one) .

I will come back to creating a cleaner solution down the line. Thanks for the responses.


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Most of the problems communicating with the chatscript server I’ve seen are with the three null terminations chatscript expects and the client not getting that right.


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