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Wanted: ChatScript Programmer

Wanted: a ChatScript developer for a profitable established company in San Francisco working on a stealth bot that is already conducting millions of chats each year.

If you are good enough you can work remotely if you want. If you are somewhat weak, then you will need to move to the SF office where you will be easier to train and supervise.

Salary obviously commensurate with experience.

Reply to Bruce Wilcox, .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


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Typo:  should have read millions of chats each year, not each month


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A stealth bot conducting millions of chats each year, which still needs a developer, must be sentient.  I have experience working with what by Turing Test standards can be considered sentient chatbots.  As a Loebner Prize Competition judge, my talented and extraordinary manager, Huma Shah gave me the honour of judging Eugene Goostman, the chatbot famous for passing the Turing Test.



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Above, “sentient” refers to the concept of artificial consciousness.  In a practical sense, millions of chats could be converted to millions of records in a chatbot brain.  We know from world champion chatbots, that at around ten thousand records, they reach a new threshold of convincibility.  For example, world champion Mitzuku chatbot has around three hundred thousand records. So in theory, a chatbot must be artificially sentient with a million records in its chatbot brain.  ChatScript is super excellent with ten thousand records.  Imagine how ChatScript must be with a hundred times ten thousand records.  Or more, for that matter.  Imagine ChatScript with a few million records.


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Hi Bruce, now seeing this message. Next time, let me know: I’ll create somehting on our homepage!


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