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Reusing user request

I’m trying to find a way to reuse users request. Hope someone can help.
Here is what I would like to happen:
1. User asks “Where can I find some help?”.
2. I have
Topic: ~find_help(where find help)
u:(<<help fish>>)
do someting
u(<<help eat>>
do something

What help do you need?

3. I would like to have an option, instead of using rejoinders,  to be able to get a response, detect that it is a clarification response, remove ? and re-run both. The reasoning for that is that in my usecase it is possible to hit totally different topic with the new joined question.
Here is an example:

Original request: “where can I find some help?”
Clarification request: “I need help with fishing”
Should be transferred to “where can I find some help I need help with fishing”.

note that in my usecase I ignore the order of the words, so it is OK to have two joined sentences together.

* sorry for stupid examples, I’m not really doing fishing stuff smile



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Ok, so I didn’t get any answer here.
Found the answer myself, posting here for future generations smile

My question was very similar to this thread:

%revisedinput system variable is bool that states whether the input came from the user, or from calling ^input() command, which means it can be used for my case.

Now I’m going to try to find out how to deal with cases when CS splits the input to two parts (example: yes, this is a confirmation) and if it is possible to catch the value of the first part.


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one way is to suppress interjection splitting on the tokencontrol


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Bruce Wilcox - Jun 5, 2017:

one way is to suppress interjection splitting on the tokencontrol

Thanks, but wouldn’t this disable the ability to catch input like “Yes, I hope so” as a (~yes)?
I’ll try it later today.
I was thinking maybe to catch the repeated %input value and depending on the need to address or ignore the second part. Is there some pattern that I can reuse for something like that?


Unrelated question: ChatScript exe is crashing on Windows server 2008 after it stays on for more than 24 hours. My guess is some kind of memory leak. I would like to submit a bug, but I don’t know where to look for system logs.
What is the information you would need from me regarding app crash?


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If the system is aborting itself, it will record data in LOGS/bugs.txt
If the system is crashing, it probably leaves no trace but again check LOGS/bugs.txt

If you are actually able to get a crash and know you can get it, then ideally you run the server from visual studio, so when it crashes it takes you to the source of the bug.


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