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Using proxy with get request

When I try to use Get request, it works on my computer but fails on the server.
I don’t see any mention in logs about this, so can I get the actual error from the response?
Also, one of my suspicions is a proxy, so is it possible to add proxy configuration?



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There is currently no way to specify a proxy configuration to ^jsonopen. Is it just a matter of being able to specify a name and password for the proxy? I could add that to CS.


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I believe you need to be able to pass proxy server address, id/password, and authentication methods to use. I will make that available in next release.


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next CS release will support setting proxy server address, authentication method, and id/password


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Sounds great!
One thing I’m still not able to understand is why the requests sent from CS are not visible in Fiddler.


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Hey Bruce,
Any chance you can give here a few examples for using the latest changes related to proxy (version 7.51)?
Not sure how to use it and what are the options.



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not a clue, have no proxy system to test on. The link to the proxy settings for libcurl is all the documentation I have


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