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Tablemacro not working after update


So I’ve been studying ChatScript to build my own chatbot, and currently am focusing on tablemacros to make factsets and link concepts. I made about 10 tablemacros, which have been working fine until I updated CS to the new 7.52 ver (I was using 7.3 before) :( Now what happens is basically the program is compiled fine, however, the tablemacros aren’t executed or just neglected by CS (or.. I don’t know). They just don’t work anymore.

For example, let’s say I executed a tablemacro that adds a certain letter to the members of a concept (e.g., join($$member z)) and add the combined words back to the concept by ^CreateFact method. But when I check the concept with the :down & :concepts command, I only see the original members of the concepts.

Has something about the table/tablemacro feature changed in the new version? (like a grammar change or anything) What am I missing? Btw, the outputmacros and other macros work fine. 

Thanks in advance smile


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I use table macros all the time w/o issue. Give me sample code for your tablemacro that I can execute.


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