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Any non-coding people trying to build chatbots besides me?

Hi there,

I am in User Experience and I have been tapped to try and design a chatbot for my company. I built a quick and dirty FB messenger bot using Chatfuel, but I find the experience very limiting. However, the other tools such as MS bot framework, and IBM’s Watson require me to have a CS degree at least, and are targeted at Developers specifically.

Are there any other non-coders in the group looking to build the experience first, without coding? I imagined there would be a tool that would allow me to design the experience I want people to have, then pay for the developer to hook up the business logic afterwards.

Is that even possible without Coding skills?




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Have you tried the Personality Forge? It’s very easy to use, even if it’s not tremendously powerful.


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Any non-coding people trying to build chatbots besides me?

No.  I think it is probably safe to say that all of us are coding people.

However, you are certainly welcome to hang out with us coding people.

Personally, I find User Experience to be extremely valuable feedback.

We can help each other.


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