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Another new person!

Hi all!

My name is Moira and I’m painfully new to this area of ICT. I’m currently studying Cyber Forensics & Information Security and Web & Mobile Application Development at Uni while slogging away in a boring government job.

One of my lecturers last year mentioned genetic algorithms and got me interested, then I saw the AlphaGo match and I decided to give AI a go.

More recently, I’ve been inspired by my roleplaying hobby to try and code up a chat bot for my IRC channel which I can then use for my AI unit as my semester project. And that’s what led me here!

Glad to be here and hoping I’ll be able to contribute in a meaningful way. smile


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Hi, Moira, and welcome to! smile

I’d be interested in learning more about your IRC bot if you’re willing to share info. Things such as coding language, whether it’s based on an existing platform (or a “roll your own” solution) and what successes or failures (I’m rooting for the successes, but the failures are often more valuable) you’ve had to date would be great to learn about. Anything you’d like to share would be appreciated.


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