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New Here

New here, I want to learn how to build my chatbot… I am currently learning python~


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Do you want to build a web-based chatbot?

Python has the NLTK which is great, but Python may be

slower than most JavaScript, PHP or Perl chatbots.

(Not a Python put down, just making an observation.)

NOTE: NLTK stands for Natural Language Tool Kit


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Greetings gentleman and ladies. Sorry for my broken english. I’m fairly new to chatbot scene, recently I started learning to make a chatbot from scratch, and manage to create a framework with tensorflow and my own naive bayesian classifier along with NLTK as post tagger, later on to optimize memory usage i moved to scikit to take adcantage of sparse-array. The bot runs ok but I don’t like the prediction method, I need it to be 100% sure of user’s intent. So i move on and learn about AIML and Rivescript, after couple hours reading I decided to make my own and make a more flexible chat scripting with NER support. After 3 weeks I launch my first bot using this simple PYTHON framework.

Note: This is a religion chatbot, It’s training data is very2 small for now.

Sample training data ->

Chatbot Link ->


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