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Question about how bots and confederates are assigned during the LP finals

With the Loebner Prize finals coming up, I’m assisting competitors with their interfaces for the contest, but since I won’t actually be there in person I want to make sure that the interfaces I craft are easy to configure for each entrant. as such, I would like to know how the assignments work for connecting to the system. In other words, are the bot/confederate interfaces assigned their ID’s/secrets from a randomly generated list? are they hard-coded in server.js? or does each contestant provide their ID/secret pair to the AISB staff, to be added to the server.js config? If the AISB assigns the ID/secret pair, then it’s a simple matter for me to create a form on init to enter this information. On the other hand, if the contestants give that information to the AISB staff then I can simply hard-code it into the interface’s code, making the process easier for the entrants. However this exchange of information is executed, it would be good to know the mechanics of it so that I can code accordingly. smile


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