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Paren sequence in brackets with wildcard

Hi everyone,

i’m trying to put a paren sequence in brackets with a wild card in between, like this :

u: (red [car (little truck)]

This rule matches “red car” but doesn’t match “red little truck”.

If I put paren around “car”, like this :

u: (red [(car) (little truck)]

then it doesn’t match “red car” nor “red little truck”.

I could use double quotes here, but then it won’t work with concepts instead of simple words.

Am I doing anything wrong ?



  [ # 1 ]

Works for me. My version is always slightly ahead of release… what version are you running?


  [ # 2 ]

Indeed, it now works after a full cleanup & update.

Thanks a lot and sorry for the inconvenience !


  [ # 3 ]

Update :
The rule

u: (red [(car) (little truck)]

matches “red little truck”
but doesn’t match “red and green car” or “red and green little truck”.

Do you have any explanation for this ? What should I write instead ?
I’m running 7.54


  [ # 4 ]

Maybe CS doesn’t want to match that because red and green together on a vehicle is a fashion choice to avoid? cheese

Sorry. Back to your regularly scheduled forum thread.


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