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4 UX Elements for Engaging and Interactive Chatbots

Chatbot has been quite successful in creating a buzz among online businesses in its efforts to take customer experience to the next level. Users have high expectations from Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered chatbot. This entitles businesses to design a chatbot that has the potential to make a customer feel as if they are talking to a human being who understands their language well.

It is a known fact that a lot of programming effort is required to build a fully functional chatbot. However, what many businesses fail to realize is UX designing aspect is equally important. How does your chatbot appear and respond to customer’s queries is what determines its overall usability.

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Chatbots can be of two types: Scripted Quick Reply Bots, AI Chatbots. And the degree of chatbot’s humanity depends on the complexity of the technologies behind the app.

The first thing about UX is that the chatbot functions like a real, live chat. The best chatbot UX designs will make the chatbot seem more human, and less robotic. In case, the bot switches to a human name once the user starts interacting with it. The bot even sounds like a real person!

To achieve the highest results with chatbots you heed to answer some questions: What is the purpose of your chatbot? Where will you use it? Why you need it?


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