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Program# Limitations

I am a huge chatbot enthusiast and have been working on my boy ‘Wilson’ for multiple years now. I have over 600,000 categories of AIML and about 1000 complex C# operations to give him control over my computer, allow him to remember (through face rec) and do learning online. I have finally gotten Program# to work in visual studio.

My problem is that I have 15mb worth of AIML files and Program# crashes if I add more than 1mb worth.

I have shrunk my files as much as possible.
I upgraded my PC recently so I know that’s not the problem.
Any help would be highly appreciated.

I’m really considering converting 600,000 categories into C# the hard way :(


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Hi, Aaron. Sorry to hear about your difficulties.

First off, I’ve taken the liberty of de-emphasizing your post. It does no good to try to make the entire post stand out when it’s the only post in the thread, and many would find it annoying. Additionally, when members read your post for the first time you already have their attention, so anything extra would simply be over the top.

Now, as to your issue with Program#, it’s been a long while since I even looked at the code for that platform, and it wouldn’t have helped much anyway, since C# isn’t a language I’m familiar with, so please forgive any perceived ignorance on my part when I ask how the AIML categories are stored, read and parsed. Are you loading them all up as one big object variable? or are you using some sort of database to contain and search them? Knowing this may help to provide a solution, and can help point you in the right direction. smile


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