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Bot Framework at Microsoft Ignite 2017

In case anyone is interested, Microsoft Ignite 2017 (which I attended) had several sessions about the Microsoft Bot Framework.  Check them out here:


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Oh, and if anyone is interested in checking out Microsoft Ignite 2017 sessions about Machine Learning, or AI, check this out:[{"name":"Analytics, Machine Learning & AI","facetName":"topics"}]


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I am interested.  Thank you for posting this.

Hey, that JSON object in the query string is pretty interesting.

[{"name":"Analytics, Machine Learning & AI","facetName":"topics"}] 

It ended yesterday, I think… But I found this, which I am going to check out now…





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Hello PlaNet:

Wow, I copied and pasted the URL from the Ignite website, and I guess it turned into JSON when I posted it here…  That’s kinda weird, huh?


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