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Skynet-AI On-Line
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Thanks for all the concern.
The current site relied on MS Frontpage Extensions.

I had hoped to replace the web server with one based on Python, since I already use that for my local AI projects (and my Loebner bot). In the end though, it turned out to be easier to learn php and build a new site around that.

In the past few days I have been building Version .006 and hope to have a site and link for everyone to test in the next 2 days.

Currently, someone with an IP address that traces back to Warner Brothers Studio in California has written a script that has Skynet-AI and Elbot talking. It generates responses every second or so. As you can imagine, the transcript for hours of fully automated conversations can grow pretty large. If I weren’t going to shut-down the version .005 site, I would have to spend time to try to limit this activity. Skynet-AI can handle the speed, but it bloats the transcripts with worthless input.



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Yeah, your approach is very interesting and thoughtful as well.


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