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local variables for each macro

Hi, local variables aren’t completely local right know.
Would it be possible to make them only valid for the current macro?

I ran into some problems until I realized that this:

outputmacro: ^f1()

test is $$_test

: ^f2() 
$_test CHANGED 

leads to

Test executing test is CHANGED



  [ # 1 ]

$_ variables are completely local


  [ # 2 ]

So my tests works for you?
If they are local to the macro the $$_test of ^f2 shouldn’t change the output generated by ^f1().
So the output should be “Test executing test is TESTVALUE”, shouldn’t it?


  [ # 3 ]

I did not say $$_test was local. I said $_test would be local.
$$ are global transient and $ are global permanent.

$_ are pure local to a macro or a topic during its current incarnation (if the topic calls something that then invokes the topic again, that is a separate incarnation.


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