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Looking for feedback

This is my first chatbot so I’m looking for any feedback. Do I need more content? More AI functionality? Please take a look and let me know.


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Hi, MJ, and welcome to smile

I gave your FB bot a quick spin, and I think it’s got potential, but there are a few minor issues. The first thing I noticed is that it’s a bit “wordy”, which is fine if you’re expecting it, but was a bit ... erm… (honesty, Dave, not diplomacy) annoying, if I’m honest. But it wasn’t so annoying that I wanted to quit. the second thing I noticed was that while the bot was in “wordy mode”, I couldn’t get a word in edgewise; and not only was it hard to get an input in, when I finally did, it seemed to be ignored. Again, this was a little trying on the patience, but I persevered. the last thing that I noticed was that when the bot was finally done being wordy, my input options were pretty limited to just the links it presented me. Once again, when I simply typed something in it was ignored, and the bot just repeated its previous response, giving me once more the same limited options. Those options DID work as intended, which is good, but each one sent the bot into “wordy mode” again, and I had to wait for it to stop, at which time I got the same limited options once more.

Now before you think that I’m giving you a completely negative review, or am picking on your bot I want to point out a couple of things. First off, I think that in many ways you’re on the right track here, and that you can indeed make something of this with a bit more work. Also, bear in mind that “failure” is how we learn, and it’s never truly failure unless we give up. Thomas A. Edison is often quoted as saying “I have not failed. I have only found 10,000 ways that do not work”, and I firmly believe that, so as long as you don’t quit, you haven’t failed. Remember that. smile


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grin Hi Dave,

Thank you for your feedback. I figured that the bot might be going too fast, but I wasn’t totally sure.

I guess it’s attempting to give a user my entire sales pitch in one fell swoop without giving a reason why he/she should be interested in the first place. I built the bot using Chatfuel, which doesn’t have a “pause” functionality yet which would allow me to slow it down and give users a way to digest the data.

But I guess a workaround would be to use separate blocks, which would give users the option of going to certain areas.

However another problem you pointed out is that you tried to speak to it and it seemed to ignore you. That’s one I need to figure out better. A bot is supposed to have a conversation and I have certain questions programmed in, but how might I get it to be more “personable” rather than robotic?

Thanks again for looking this over.


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