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im different

Hi there im Autistic (hyperlexia ive been told) due to my condition i sometimes emulate feelings just to be socially acceptable it seems i am a human chatbot hmmmm thats weird ? do i have feelings ? can i extract feelings ? can i CREATE feelings


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Welcome Paul. There is here several persons who have a different relation with the others.

It seems that working on chatbots helps us to understand these relations and improve us.


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How can facial cues be faked for anger, contempt, disgust, fear, happiness, sadness or surprise?


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It seems to me people are trying to be too perfect.
everyone seems to be trying to create a perfect answer to any question when in my experience no one seems to make perfect sense


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Facial clues have no value to me i cannot understand them i cannot emulate joy anger sadness love you feel those emotions i do not . I can only evoke them


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Which leaves the idea algorithm
What is an idea ?
and if an idea algorithm could be found
would we be swimming in ideas ?


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