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Chatbot in Laravel Project

Hi everyone, Im doing a simple project on chatbot using laravel framework. Im new to laravel and also PHP. My chatbot features is to do simple questions and answers. This is few thing that wondering me.

1. database structure for the bot keywords, question, answers?


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Hi, and welcome to! smile (by the way, how do you prefer to be addressed?)

The fact that you’re going to be using Laravel actually has little to nothing to do with creating a chatbot, really. Laravel is just a content management framework, which simply controls the way a given website or page is displayed. Unless you’re intending to create a chatbot that will work with only your current site and current version of Laravel (a bad idea, to be sure) I would recommend developing your chatbot separately from the Laravel framework, and then integrating it’s API into a Laravel driven page once it’s functioning. To do otherwise will be a very frustrating and difficult task, and could fail to function in later versions of the framework. Creating a chatbot from scratch is difficult enough as it is without having to add the extra complexity of a CMS framework as well.

Next, let’s make sure we’re talking about the same thing here. When you say “chatbot”, do you mean the chatbot engine, which performs the tasks of collecting a user’s inputs (what they say), finding the “best choice” from a database of potential responses and displaying that response to the user? Or do you mean something else, like a chatbot service, such as Pandorabots, Amazon’s Lex, or Microsoft’s Azure? there is also a “middle ground” option, like Program O, which is an already developed chatbot engine that you would install to your site, and create/upload the responses for (in the form of AIML files), and maintain, saving the time, effort and frustration of having to “reinvent the wheel”, but requires its own learning curve and no small amount of work with having to create the responses your chatbot will use to send to your users.

Chatbot services have the advantage of requiring the least amount of coding in order to get a working chatbot on your website, but have the disadvantage of costing money (sometimes a LOT of money) to use if you want a bot that you don’t have to provide responses for. Prices will vary by service, and how much control you want to have over your chatbot’s responses, and some services, such as Pandorabots, may still require you to provide the chatbot’s responses.

Writing an entire chatbot engine has the advantage of giving you complete control of the entire process, from creation of the interface, the way the bot’s responses are generated and stored, to how the information is displayed. However (and I can say this from experience), this is a very complex and challenging way to go, taking many dozens (or even hundreds) of hours of work, and many tens of thousands of lines of code to create, often requiring knowledge and experience with multiple disciplines and skills. It’s very rewarding to be able to say “I created this”, but it’s also frustrating, often annoying, and sometimes painful to go through. wink

The “middle ground” option that I referred to requires less time and effort than creating your own chatbot engine, but at the cost of limited control over how it operates. However, you get more control over the chatbot’s responses, but at the cost of having to provide those responses yourself. Like everything else in life, it’s a balance between cost, work, convenience and control.

Ok, now that my rambling is out of the way, please tell us exactly what you want to do, and we can advise you from there. cheese


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