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Are there an open source offline chat bot?

I am looking for an open source chat bot that uses C/C++ and could be use in offline mode!
I found ChatScript, but it has not a complete bot to use, and I should build a bot from scratch. But I am searching if there is a more complete bot for free?


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Search for ALICE AIML for a full 3 times Loebner Prize winning chatbot’s free to use source files. This assumes you have an offline AIML interpreter like Program O or Program AB.


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This is for discussion purposes only.  I do not suggest putting your C Language chatbot on the web because it may get downloaded.  Yes, I have seen a few C Language chatbots in the past.  C is a very good language to build a new chatbot. There is also a DOS Box written in JavaScript, which will allow you embed your compiled C Language chatbot in a virtual DOS PC on a webpage.  But make sure it is a version that is intended for the web, that you don’t care if it gets downloaded.



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I tried to do my first web apps using C++. It is a big mistake because
- C++ is hostile to string manipulation
- Web hosts are unwilling to host any C++ based code - since it could destroy their servers

Give some thought to putting in a minimal effort to learn Python or JavaScript. I could point you to an open source chatbot in Python.


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If you don’t mind writing your own code, RiveScript is a chatbot scripting engine I wrote that can be used from JavaScript, Python, Go, Java or Perl (there are native libraries for each of those languages). With it you can create your own bot however you want: offline as a text program, a GUI program, wire it up to an instant messenger service, etc.

There are a lot of links with more details, including a few full open source chatbots using it on

The JavaScript and Python libraries also come with a lot of good examples, many of which are stand-alone scripts, for how to run bots in various environments, both local and networked.


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May I offer a couple of suggestions which might be useful to you?  First of all there is Program #, which is written in C#.  There is also Program AB which is written in Java.  While these are not the C/C++ applications you are seeking both would be of use.  I have used both quite successfully.


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You may also want to check out Bot Libre’s desktop version.

It comes with several bot templates including Alice, Julie, and Eddie, and has a UI, speech, and 3D animated avatars.
It is written in Java though, not C.


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Yeah ! Must follow this link

Hope it will help you.


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Robotics lover should build a bot from scratch.


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