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It seems there is no “configure” file inside “libaiml” folder?

Hi there,
I have a problem to installing “libaiml”. I have downloaded and installled"std_utils-0.7.5” then downloaded the new “ ” file, then added this line ”  <category>POPOM</pattern><template><srai>POPOM OM</srai></template></category>” to it’s “Stack.aiml” file, then chenged it’s name to “aiml” and replaced it with"aiml” folder inside “test_app” file.

And as he said here:
“2. Building:
  The plain ol’ way: ./configure && make && make install”
wanted to install it, but it seems there is no “configure” file within my “libaiml”.
Where is the “configure” file? how can I install it?

I should mention I did download the files from ALICE site.

Thanks a lot


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Do anyone know how can I find the authors email? It seems they don’t work too!


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I found this file as a true file….please change the link inside


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