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Hello everyone,

I’m a CS undergraduate from Barcelona. I’m currently developing a AGI personal project. And though this community isn’t directly related to AGI all other places I’ve found are either centered around data-science and Python or full of Philosophical stuff. If you guys know of any AGI or Strong AI community where people is actually trying to build something instead of rambling about ethics or trying the new “big company” framework please let my know.

In the meanwhile if it’s OK I’ll stay here. Now probably most of you are thinking that making an AGI is unrealistic at best and I agree, but I plan to do it (or try) anyway.

My aprox is using NN, though not the classic ones you can find in deep learning stuff. For instance there are no layers, the brain starts with only input and output neurons and there is an algorithm that creates/deletes neurons and synapses. It needs to work real-time and requires and environment (simulated is OK). The algorithm is based on two ideas. First is that if you did something good, it will probably be good to continue doing so, and second that if you don’t know what to do and specially if you did something bad, it’s time to try something new.

I’ll be using C++ for this. I expect to have some results by the end of the year but nothing near human intelligence. If anyone is interested feel free to ask.


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Hey Robert,

This is an open forum as far as I know. I come here for the ChatScript tips.




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Hi, Robert, and welcome to! smile

Oh, so much to say here! First off, you are more than welcome to “stay here”, as we appreciate new members all the time. That you’re trying to do something that many consider impossible, or exceedingly difficult makes no difference here. In fact, I feel that such thing should be encouraged whenever possible. What if the Wright brothers had listened to people who said that flying wasn’t possible, or if Edison had given up on making the light bulb? Where would we be now? EVERYTHING was impossible to achieve, until it wasn’t.

Anyway, please feel free to post not only questions, but also thoughts, ideas and opinions, as well. Just please make sure they’re polite, respectful, and related to AI, at least a little. cheese


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Contrary to most people who claim to work on AGI, you seem to have a plan, programming skills, and don’t have too unrealistic expectations of your success. I’d say you’re quite welcome. Most other AGI work is theoretical, and I wouldn’t know any other practice-oriented community unless you’d want to join mainstream AGI projects like OpenAI (by Elon Musk) or OpenCog (by Ben Goertzel).
I’m more into old-fashioned logic and language processing myself, but also work in C++. I can’t say I know how to program a neural network, but yours sounds like an interesting project so keep us updated smile


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