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How to find this dialog is within which file on chatscript?

Hi everyone!
I have downloaded and used the Alice brain from here:, and built and ran it successfully. But there are some strange answers from some questions, so I like to find the file that this question/answer are inside it and modify them.

Is it a command line command or any other options to find that, which file this answer created from?


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The command :why will show you the rules that generated the output, and that is basically the same as the bottom on the log file.

You can also use the :trace command to follow the process. I personally use :trace ruleflow all the time to get an overview of the path through the dialog.


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Thank you Andy,
But how should I use :trace command?

When I try it, the result is:

Disabled simple: echo match ruleflow variables
Disabled mild detail: output pattern input prepare
Disabled deep detail: always fact hierarchy infer json label macro pos query sample sql substitute tcp topic user userfact treetagger usercache varassign


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:trace ruleflow

:trace by itself just shows the current tracing options. You can specify any of those words to turn on that kind of tracing. There is more in the documentation.


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