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Multiple Bots for Gaming

Hello Community & Bruce,

In in Open World Video Games, many unique NPCs are generated in realtime that play a role of a society. CS has an ability to support multiple bots running on one server with their own knowledge and fact sets. I have read the documentation on controlling multiple bots on one server and it stills leaves a few questions unanswered to me.
I can create multiple bots by either copying the bot folder and modifying the filesxxx.txt OR I can create multiple bots via definition scripts. But is there a way that I can create multiple bots in realtime?

A working example would be having a player load into a town and generating 20 new bots from Harry as a base (Harry1, Harry2, ...Harry20)


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Nominally, you cant deploy bots in real time yet.  maybe next year. The exception to that is that you can (if you are using cs embedded) deploy a topic in real time, so one might fake it that way. but not recommended


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Ok, Thanks Bruce!

I’ll keep my eyes open for it in a future update.


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