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Redesigned Social bot network.

Hi, this is Chris. You might of checked my site out in the past, but I have redesigned and remade my social bot network so it lets you chat to a person that is a bot. Or you can program the person so they chat back at you when you ask them a question. My address to my website is: You can read my blog on my website about social bot networks and etc.
Any body interested in looking, then that will be good. Here is a photo of my index page of my site.
But this site I have made, you will be able to more with it in the future. I will show you later in the future. But it’s worth checking out if you want to try it. It even talks to you in a voice when you type a message on the page. It has bot mode or not bot mode for you to go into. Bot mode is for when your friends want to chat to you and you are not online to chat to your friends. You can also be online if you have bot mode on also. Your bot of you will talk to your friends when you are online. There is some more features coming in the future. It is a nice website in black and red. It pretty much glows in the dark at night. The colors from the site really looks nice if you like red and black. The colors I picked was my favorite colors. I know a lot of people like to go with blue, but I like red and black.


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