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Resetting topics using time of day

I have a bot with a topic file that asks a series of questions to help the user reflect on their day.

I only want the gambits in this topic file to be used once per day (so I’m not using any Keep or Repeat at the moment), but if the user starts a new conversation the next day, I’d like the gambits to be reset so they can be used again.

Does anyone have any thoughts on how this could be achieved?


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at the time of the new conversation, there is a std pattern that detects that and sends use to ~introductions.
From THERE you can test if day has changed (if previously you saved prior day). and if it has, do ^reset(TOPIC ~yourtopic)  to reset that topic


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Thanks Bruce. Can you suggest a section of the documentation to read that might give me a better understanding of how to both save that date data as well as test if it has changed?


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doc on system variables tells what to get.. you can do
$date = ?te

and then check against that later using ?te again


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