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How to preprocess a special trigger?

I am storing the name of the user in a database and from time to time, the database sends the session a message “setname username”. See the example:

setname *
- <
set name=<formal>>

+ (
what is my name|who am i)
You're <get name>, right?

+ didntlike
- {topic=nlike}Why?

> topic nlike

+ *
- {topic=random}Thanks for charing.

< topic

+ *
- I don'
t have a reply for that.
- Try 
asking that a different way

The problem is when the user is in a topic like ‘nlike’ that is exited by * and I send the message to set the name, then the conversation exits the topic.

Is there a way to treat that in the begin block? I tried different syntaxes, but no positive result. I thought of something like:


setname *
- <
set name=<formal>>





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Update: I’ve created a question with bounty on Stackoverflow for this. Url:


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