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Forcing a pause in output.

After another lengthy sojourn, I’m back to working on my bot.

I’m always looking for ways to make the interaction seem more natural and wanted something like this…

Bot> Your birthday is in October…

A beat

Bot> You’re a Libra, right?

The code looks like this:

# Astrological sign
t: STARSIGN () ^query( direct_sv $birthmonth sign ) $starsign = @0object
[Hmmm…][Let’s see…] $birthmonth…
if( ^system( “TIMEOUT /T 1 > NUL” ) ) {}
You’re [][probably] a $starsign? \n

But I get a pause, then all the output. Tried messing around adding flushoutput() to try to force the first sentence, but no luck.

Anyone able to enlighten me?




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Look into the callback functionality.
You can output this first part and include a callback property in the OOB. Then when you receive the callback, output the next part.


  [ # 2 ]

Thanks Andy. I’m struggling with it, but I’ll get there!


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