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Launching ciso, my information security chat bot

Hi all,

I am thrilled to bring to all of you ciso, the chat bot that answers questions on information security. Check it out at

It has taken me over a year to build the bot.  I was searching for an accessible deployment framework. I wanted to use AIML 2.0.  I initially wrapped program-ab in a servlet and tried that. That worked however, I recently came across program-y which is what I have used. Program-y is under active development and the developer, Keith Sterling is very good with answering questions. Program-y has a lot of convenience functions such as asking Wikipedia. I did not want to restrict my bot to what I had taught it. If ciso does not know the answer to a question, it will look up Wikipedia. This does lead to some “interesting” answers. I need to implement some filtering which I will do soon.
CISO also has a rest API (Another cool feature of program-y) therefore if anyone is interested in integration, let me know.

My thanks to this community in particular to Dave Morton and Steve Worswick for their help with AIML and answering my questions.


  [ # 1 ]

Your bot worked nicely in a lot of areas.
It is not a conversational type of bot but rather a question/answer bot, for those who have yet to try it.

Pretty quick and reasonably short responses as well.

Nice work!


  [ # 2 ]

Well done Pranav and thank you for those extremely kind words. It was a pleasure working with and I hope to continue doing so in the future.

I’ll keep checking in on your bot to see how it’s doing



  [ # 3 ]

Hi Art and Keith,
Many thanks for trying the ciso. The ciso is indeed a question answer bot. I have thought about adding conversation capabilities but have not found an easy source of conversations. Most information security chatter is in the form of questions and answers. 


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