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conditioning the execution of a rule called by ^reuse()

Hello, I ask myself a fundamental question. When an exception is expected in a pattern (!$Myvar) and the rule is called by ^reuse(XXX) ^setrejoinder(XXX), the pattern content will not be read?

If this is indeed the case, is there another way of conditioning the execution of a rule called by ^reuse(XXX) ^setrejoinder(XXX)

Here is an example in which the problem arises:

uTALKCHILDREN0 (!$share_childnum  I have !no children )
How many children do you have?
a: (_~number$share_childnum _0 $share_childnum child.
b: (~yes) ^reuse(TALKCHILDREN1) ^setrejoinder(TALKCHILDREN1)
b: (~no) ^reuse(TALKCHILDREN0You say? ^setrejoinder(TALKCHILDREN0)
a: (["don't have" none any O zero null]$share_childnum 0 No children. ^reuse(TALKPET) ^setrejoinder(TALKPET)
tAre you married?
a: (~yes$share_married TRUE ^reuse(TALKCHILDREN0) ^setrejoinder(TALKCHILDREN0)
a: (~noBut have you Children
b: (~yes) ^reuse(TALKCHILDREN0) ^setrejoinder(TALKCHILDREN0)
b: (~noSo we can say that you have time to do things

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I must have an error somewhere in my, because actually a rule called by ^reuse performs and applies well the condition !$Myvar in the pattern with Harry.



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