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re-enable rules for a topic

I want to re-enable all the rules for a topic.

I have tried ^reset(TOPIC) and it doesn’t do it.
I have tried ^enable(USEDRULES) and it doesn’t do it. I am not even sure what it is supposed to do since it isn’t in the manual.

The only thing that works is ^enable(RULE MY_LABEL). This is good, but I have to put that in for every single rule in the topic.

Is there a way to iterate the rules of a topic?
Is there a way to re-enable all the rules of a topic?
Is there a debug command that shows the disabled rules for a topic?


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Saying you tried ^reset(TOPIC) is not as compelling as saying you tried ^reset(~mytopic)

:topicinfo ~mytopic will tell you disabled rule

You can always use ^getrule to get a pattern or output, internal rule tags can be generated.
A top level rule in a topic is ~mytopic.0.0 for first rule, and numerically increase first digit for top level.  increase second digit for rejoinders.


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Thanks Bruce,

using ^reset(TOPIC ~mytopic) worked like a charm!! A word of warning for folks. ^reset will immediately end the topic and will cancel any pending output. My ending looks like:

congratulations!! this concludes the tutorial\n
reset(TOPIC ~dev_liferay_deploy2

using :topicinfo
Since you said the enabled info was available using :topicinfo ~mytopic I looked a little closer. For those who find this later the indication of rule availability is indicated by the presence or absence of a ‘-’ before the rule number.

erased rule: - 2(179) u: START ( )
available rule: 5(666) u: COPY_FILES ( )


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