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Merging rules


I’m having some difficulties merging the two rules with the same answer below:

version 2.0

my name is *
- <
set name=<formal>>Nice to meet you, <get name>.

[do] [you] [know] (what is my name|who am i)
You're <get name>, right?

+ [i] [want] [you] [to] [tell] [me] (what is my name|who am i)
- You'
re <get name>, right

I’ve tried some things like:

[[do] [you] [know]|[i] [want] [you] [to] [tell] [me]] (what is my name|who am i)
You're <get name>, right?

+ ([do] [you] [know]|[i] [want] [you] [to] [tell] [me]) (what is my name|who am i)
- You'
re <get name>, right?

+ (
[do] [you] [know]|[i] [want] [you] [to] [tell] [me]|[*]) (what is my name|who am i)
You're <get name>, right? 

Is there any way to do that?



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This seemed to work:

+ ([do] [you] [know] (what is my name|who am i)|[i] [want] [you] [to] [tell] [me] (what is my name|who am i))
You're <get name>, right? 

I wrapped them with a ( and ) and put a | between them.

Note that this kind of thing won’t work well if you’re using <star> tags or their variations (<formal>, etc.), as the outer parenthesis group will take <star1> and contain the entire trigger, and any <star>‘s after 1 will be unpredictable depending on what the user said.


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