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Crash on version 8.1


From the new github in version 8.1, I can reproduce a crash of ChatScript.

To do it, simply type the following command in your client (terminal or not) :

:testpattern ( ^"it's" it's 

And then, it will crash.

I’m running on Windows 10 64 bits machine.
I can reproduce the crash on Linux (Debian 9 64 bits) with the “Segmentation fault” message before getting hand back to my terminal.


  [ # 1 ]

If you remove the ^ in the pattern, no more crash.

I don’t launched any GDB on the source code (don’t have enough time to double check now. I will try tonight depending of WAF)

>    :testpattern ( ^"toto" toto
Sent 41 bytes of data to port 1024
Received 0 bytes

====> crashed

>    :testpattern "toto" toto
Sent 40 bytes of data to port 1024
Received 24 bytes
Received 0 bytes
toto+ )+



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