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Updated RAWDATA_WORLDDATA_animals.tbl

Hello all. I am new.

I took a stab at updating \RAWDATA\WORLDDATA\animals.tbl file smile Animal homes were not updated. Please inform any mistakes or suggestions.

Also, if anyone has any ideas how to change/add specific groupings that will work better, please let me know and I will update it e.g.
group dog [pack_(wild) kennel mute litter_(young) cowerddice_(curs) comedy_(boxers) cry_(hounds)]

where only a group of wild dogs are called a pack of dogs.
Some of the groupings are only applicable to tame or wild animals, others only to animals flying or grouped on the ground at rest and yet another for a group running. Other groupings are only applicable to one of the genders like with group cheetah coalition_(male)

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After updating, did you do :build 0 ?


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Doh! I did now smile

Thanks for the tip Bruce and pleased to make your acquaintance. Thank you for your great work and making it available as opensource.

Kind regards


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