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%lastoutput = null / getting last volley via server socket

Hello, our team has been trying to use %lastoutput in different contexts without success. :variables shows it as null, regardless of the previous volleys. Typing “:do %user” in the CLI correctly outputs the user. Typing “:do %lastoutput” outputs empty space. There is nothing to help in the documentation that I can track down. Any ideas?

More specifically, we are trying to get the latest volley when accessing chatscript via a server socket. Does anyone know how to do that?


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%lastoutput is not a cross volley behavior. While you are within a volley, the script has access to responses the bot is planning to make.  What is your intended use, particularly in a server environment and cross volley?


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doc says: “the text of the last generated response for the current volley”

typing :do %lastoutput by definition is a new volley.


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