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Gambit execution order

I’m trying to understand how random gambit execution works. Two points are mentioned in the documents -
1. All t: after an r: are attached to it so collectively they form a group that once executed will be exhausted before starting another gambit
2. All t: before the r: gambit will execute linearly

I’m playing with this script :

Topic: ~beach norandom [beach sand ocean sand_castle]

This is the first message

This will fire next before the random gambit

# subtopic about swimming
r: Do you like the ocean?

tI like swimming in the ocean.

tI often go to the beach to swim.

# subtopic about sand castles.
rHave you made sand castles?
a: (~yesMaybe sometime you can make some that I can go see.
a: (~noI admire those who make luxury sand castles.

tI've seen pictures of some really grand sand castles. 


I can observe the first behavior well, but I don’t see the first two gambits firing linearly before the r: gambits. the two t: and the two r: with their attached t: - these four gambits execute in a random sequence.

Please help me understand the 2nd behavior as mentioned here -



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