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how to have apostrophes in json? 

if I use ^jsonparse( ^’ {myobject: "it's cold outside" }’) I get an odd no terminating double quotes error in the build.ext log file… nothing about that shows on the console.

none of the following work:

^jsonparse( ^’ {myobject: "it\'s cold outside" }’)
^jsonparse( ^’ {myobject: "it\-u0039s cold outside" }’)
^jsonparse( ^’ {myobject: "it's; cold outside" }’)

I get that when the parser hits the apostrophy it thinks that is the end or the ^’.

The json manual says something about using \-unnnn to get utf character. What does that mean?

Does anyone have an example of including an apostropy in the text passed to ^jsonparse()

Also, why is there a ^jsonreadcsv() and not a ^jsonreadfile() to read a .json file?


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