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few questions like “how are you” not working

  Normally I can add my questions to .top files say and I see the response without any issues. But for few questions like “how are you”, the control does not seem to land in

I see this in the USERS log file. Why is the control going to instead of

Respond: user:test bot:harry ip: (~childhood) 4   how are you ==> What scared you as a kid?  When:May15’18-05:08:26 Why:~childhood.2.0.~control.9.0

Pls let me know if I am missing something.



  [ # 1 ]

try using :prepare with your input… ie
:prepare how are you

It will show you what ACTUAL input was processed by CS, which alters inputs by spell checking or breaking into sentences or registering interjections like yours


  [ # 2 ]

Thanks Bruce, I used the :prepare “How are you” and understood that its an ~emohowzit interjection. My problem got fixed after adding a rule like this:

u: (~emohowzit ) ^keep() ^repeat() [I am doing good][fine]

Pls let me know if any comments.



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