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what am i missing?

my $ variables once set seem to get overwritten on next t:

I though $ variables persist for example :

t: [Are you travelling alone] [Is this just you travelling]
      a: (~yes)
          $adults = 1
      a: (~no)
          okay so how many adults in the party
          u: (_~number)
          $adults = _0

t: how many children in the party
      u: (_~number)
      $children = _0

t: So thats $adults adults and $children children in the party

I’m new so be gentle please!


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So you have a u: (_~number) that you have indented as though it is a rejoinder. But its not.  1st Should be b: instead.  2nd gambit one should be a:


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brilliant - think I understand and it now does what I thought it should!
ill keep plugging away!!!


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