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Adverts in the middle of posts?!

Is it just me who keeps seeing adverts in the middle of people’s posts? If we need to advertise, is it possible for them to be placed between posts rather than breaking them up?


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I totally agree. It bugs the heck out of me.
I hate sites that dump ads in the middle of content.


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Not certain what you gents are referring to. By chance could either of you share a screenshot? Because I don’t see anything within posts here.


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Not certain what you gents are referring to. By chance could either of you share a screenshot? Because I don’t see anything within posts here.


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In this thread:
I see this:

I can understand the need for adverts but surely not in the middle of a post?


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Can confirm.

That screenshot URL gave me a 404, so I took my own screenshot:


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It is a new feature “auto ads” of Google Adsense. They have a machine Learning system to add automatically adverts in the page. Users of this forum should know how robots can be stupids. In this case, the robot decided to add a publicity in the middle of a comment.

Happilly, you can disable this thing :


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Thanks for that. Yes it is very annoying
Oops! I accidentally deleted my screenshot from my temp folder. I’ve put it back on but yes, I was seeing a similar thing to Noah


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Ok, that makes sense now. I use an ad blocker, so I wouldn’t normally see it, but by disabling the ad blocker it shows up. This leads me to a question, seeing as how the screenshots that you (Steve) and Noah posted are of exactly the same post:

Is this the only post where ads show up? Or has anyone seen ads elsewhere? My current suspicion is that the problem may be with the post, and not with the site. If that’s the case, then there may be something that I can do to “fix” that particular post, but if they show up in other places, then we’ll need to loop Erwin into the conversation in order to track down the cause.


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I only saw one more but I clicked on close ad and can’t find it again. It’s not a biggie Dave, just a bit annoying.


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hi there, just removed all the ads from the forum.

Experimenting a bit with advertising to cover our costs, but the last thing I want is annoyance.

One thing Google has is ‘automated placement’, Google choses what to advert where. It could exclude urls so I did.

I’m current working on getting the whole development environment on my computer and making the website responsive. As soon as that is running, probably somewhere this summer, I’ll modify the mechanism to: ads for anonymous users, no ads for logged in members.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

p.s. Next time, tag my name in your post (just Erwin), and I’ll respond a bit faster!


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I NOW see that an ad is placed in the middle of MY post which IS annoying indeed. I think it might take a few hours in order to get it working. Keep me posted!


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I’m not sure how flexible the template engine is for this forum, but I have an idea for how to put an ad banner after the first post in a thread between it and the second—to ensure there’s an ad “above the fold” but without letting Auto-AdSense potentially inject it directly *inside* the post itself.

The first post is wrapped in a <tr id=“a9”>, and the second post has <tr id=“b9”>, then “c9”, “d9”, “e9” and so-on.

With JavaScript you could select the table row for the first post by id=“a9” and then inject another <tr> containing ad code. Something like,

// jQuery
$("tr#a9").after('<tr><td colspan="3">' adCode '</td></tr>'); 

If the AdSense code has to be able to write the ad directly when the page loads, you could try and wrap it inside a div and move it after the page loads. Like,

<table class="display-none">
tr id="first-post-ad">
td colspan="3">
paste google adsense code here -->
$(document).ready(function() {
var ad = $("#first-post-ad");  // get the ad
$("tr#a9").after(ad); // copy it under the first comment
ad.remove();  // delete the original

Just some ideas to think of in case the back-end template system doesn’t support targeting an ad after specific posts, etc., so you could mess with the page with JavaScript after it loads instead.


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Hi Noah, thanks for helping me!! That is really appreciated!

The template system is totally flexible, but especially for the forum not maintainable. Therefore, I’ll create new templates in the future.

In the mean time, it seems that the ads have disappeared.

AS @denis pointed out I’ve experimented with AdSense Auto positioning. There is some kind of intelligence behind it, it plays around with Ads on all kinds of places and see what performs. But it allow allows to exclude pages. So I excluded the /ai_zone pages and /account pages and it now seems to work as desired. I’ll keep it running for a weeks to see whether we could cover the hosting costs just with adverising; that would be nice…

Thanks again!



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FYI, I see ads in most of the posts in this thread.


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Merlin, which browser are you using? When I use Chrome (even with my adblocker disabled) I don’t see any. Nor do I see any in Edge, though I see several when I use the latest version of Internet Explorer. I haven’t tried Firefox yet, but in order to do so I’ll have to install it (long story)


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