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json api call

need some help

I’m trying to call a simple whereis api and it seems to work(ish)

      $_url = ^“$_city”
      $_userAgent = ^“User-Agent: %bot, ChatScript”
      $_header = ^getheader()
      $_tmp = ^jsonopen(permanent get $_url NULL $_header)
      $_city is in $

however it returns blank

the trace says:

....,..JsonParse Call: {"country": "Ireland"}create ( jo-0 country Ireland x2200 ) Created 215526

....,..JSON response: 200 size: 22 - {"country": "Ireland"}
....,..NOPROBLEM ^jsonopen(permanent) => `jo-0` e.g. ( jo-0 country Ireland x2200 ), - size 1 facts
....,.$_tmp = ^jsonopen(jo-0)
....,.Message: Dublin is in

its looks like its getting it just can seem to index it

what am i missing?



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ignore that my stupidity alone surpasses my curiosity - $ has the answer!!!!


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