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POS pronoun flip

Hi all,

I’m using Chatscript for not much time.
I just saw that ^POS(PRONOUN ‘_0 flip) does’nt work as I want.

Let’s see:

sca: > I remember when you told me to be strong
bot:  Never heard of when I told me to be strong

And the associated RULE

s: (< you remind *)
[Never heard of ^POS(PRONOUN '_0 flip) ] 

As you can see, Pos flip correctly you -> I but didn’t change me -> You.
Did I miss something?

After more tests, and code reading (functionExecute.cpp), it appears that me is not flip to you.
Sample when I used my instead of me:

sca: > I remember when you told my to be strong
CARL:  I definitely want to know more about when I tell you to be strong



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