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I succeeded in making simple bot ... what’s the next???

Hi guys…

I’m sorry but I need some the help I don’t know my way

I learned AIML with java instead of python because java is my favorite language & I don’t know python

I succeeded in making simple chatbot….. I want to making smart chatbots it knows math pictures links looking for jobs…. etc
I want learning more & more… where am I start???


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First you need to define what you want your chatbot to do but if it has no goal and is a general conversation bot, I started by putting it online and seeing what people were saying to it. From this, I correct and amend responses as required.

Also, try to find some AIML files and learn from them. I have a few here which you are welcome to use:

It’s a long process though. You won’t make a great chatbot in a few hours. I’ve been working on Mitsuku for over 13 years and still find things that need amending.


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ok thank you


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