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pattern macro with argument{s}

I have problems with pattern macros containing arguments. Please, see this simple *.top file:

patternmacro: ^mymacro(^arg)
  we like ^arg

topic: ~mytopic keep repeat []

t: Hi. Please say something.

u: (you like _*1 ^mymacro(_0))
  we both like _0 .

When I try with:
myuser: > you like wine we like wine

I have no matching?!

However, if I try this:
myuser: > :testpattern (you like _*1 ^mymacro(_0)) you like wine we like wine

The result is “Matched” !?

I don’t understand? Please help.


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Works fine for me, but that’s my internal version which may have fixes. I have pushed my current source to git and rebuilt the windows exe but not the linux one.


  [ # 2 ]

I downloaded new version and I have tried it. It works (windows version). Thanks!


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